Vitaphone-ISP – the Integrated Service Platform for Telemedicine

The demographic changes and regulatory framework in the healthcare system place demands on all players equally: service providers, cost units and patients – from a personal, material and financial viewpoint. The solution: an integrated service platform for implementing innovative telemedical care models.

The Integrated Service Platform ISP is the IT infrastructure core of the telemedical services of the Vitaphone GmbH.

With the ISP, remote patient monitoring is managed, electronic case files are administered and the processes of the Telemedical Service Center (TSC) are controlled.

The ISP has a modular structure, meaning that different project-specific services can be optionally added.

To be able to complete the required tasks efficiently, Vitaphone-ISP combines all modules necessary for the healthcare system, such as documentation, reporting and evaluation.

The Integrated Service Platform of Vitaphone-ISP

  • administers indication-specific electronic case files
  • manages remote patient monitoring
  • controls the processes in the Telemedical Service Center (TSC)
  • optimizes the outcome and value added of the patient’s individual therapy and care processes through a modular, disease-specific therapy and quality management system.

In addition, the Integrated Service Platform focuses on the well-being and quality of life of the patient, respects the unrestricted freedom of therapy of the service provider and guarantees the maximum data protection.

The modular Vitaphone-ISP system includes a variety of different medical, educational, psychological and data analysis services.

These services may be dominated by specific technologies on the one hand (automated data management) or, on the other hand, characterized by staff-intensive components (data collection plus personal evaluation and individual coaching of the patient by the Telemedical Service Center and the physician).