Driven by the goal to guarantee the highest level of medical services worldwide for today and tomorrow, the Vitaphone team is researching and developing innovative technologies for the transmission of vital signs with modern communication methods.

The Vitaphone Vision: Telemedicine

Networked thinking – working together with competence

For over 10 years, Vitaphone has been supporting healthcare professionals worldwide with diagnostics, treatment, patient management, and prevention. Our solutions fuse together state-of-the-art communication methods for the automatic transmission of biosignals with innovative monitoring and service concepts.

These technologies permit to record, transmit, and analyze all important medical information anywhere and at anytime. As a globally active company, we have set new measures and standards in the field due to our international patents for the key technologies for data transmission of bio-signals and biochemical parameters by means of mobile communication.

Our intelligent telemedical solutions have made a great contribution to the efficient use of limited financial and personnel resources of healthcare systems worldwide. Care providers profit from differentiated diagnostics and higher quality of treatment. Simultaneously, patients receive higher quality of life, mobility, and safety. The cost units are additionally able to save money – e.g. through the reduction of hospitalizations – with simultaneously higher quality of treatment in comparison to standard provisions.

Our core competencies and the achievement potential, efficiency, and superior quality of our customer-oriented solutions distinguish us considerably from our competitors and guarantee us a long-term economic success.

Accountability, passion, integrity, drive, respect … the friendliness, professionalism, and commitment of our staff truly inspire our clients – our employees' responsibility, innovation, and team spirit drive our company forward.